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Interior Framing
Uniformly manufactured steel studs and track produce walls straight and true.

Steel Studs and Track
Steel-Kits Steel Homes offers optional interior framing packages for all of our models. Each package contains enough 3 5/8" steel studs and track to frame the walls in our suggested floor plan. Of course, our clearspan design gives you the freedom to modify your floorplan however you wish, and you can use our studs to frame your own custom wall layout. If your modified plan requires more studs and track than we provide, you can easily find local sources for compatible materials because Steel-Kits interior studs are manufactured to standard dimensions. They are also pre-cut to length and punched with holes for running your plumbing and wiring through.

Superior Quality
At a minimum, Steel-Kits's interior studs are comparable to those you will find at Lowe's or Home Depot, but in most cases they are even better. Most steel studs are made from 25-gauge galvanized steel with 30,000 psi tensile strength. Depending on availability, we usually supply 24-gauge 50,000 psi colored studs (remember the lower the gauge the thicker the material). We make the colored studs from the same material we use to make roof panels. The coils of raw steel are prepped and painted before we receive them, hence the color. They have a Kynar paint finish over a Galvalume substrate, giving you double rust protection. They may look a little unusual, but they perform better than anything else on the market. We almost always have this material in stock, but if it is unavailable, we will supply industry standard 25-gauge galvanized studs.



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